Monday, September 20, 2010

Constitution Day Rant

I believe the following is happening in the fertile ground that is America.  These observations from a long time, part-time Political Scientist are only what I have come to believe about the times we are living in...

1.  The Tea Party people aren't the only ones that are angry...they are the ones screaming the loudest (and choosing unfortunate signage at their rallies-- making them appear more fringe than most probably happened w/the Anti-War rallies (EVERY Anti-War rally).
2.  The Democratic base is demoralized for many reasons: First, you had sky high expectations of Obama and a Dem Congress crashing against complete and total obstruction from the Opposition and in many cases a media complicit in all the worst sins of selective perception.  You also are talking about a large section of the public that spent 8 years (post the 2000 election and post 9/11--which despite Conservative popular opinion...liberals didn't celebrate)--they spent the Bush years horrified at their Government.  They are beyond anger has internalized.  Also, I think polls would back me up on this...the Dem base is lower income than the Republican base and have disporportionately been impacted by the Financial Crisis and the ensuing Recession...job loss, retirement lost and foreclosures thru the roof!  They are too busy trying to survive to get worked up over the mid-term elections.  They voted for Obama and thought their part was done.
3.  Watch for 3rd and 4th parties to emerge in unexpected ways--the currents are at times contradictory.  The Dem and Repub party will have to grapple with their base.
4.  It will be harder and harder to Govern--no matter who is in charge...the Electorate is restless (for good reason) and has no faith in Government, the Corporations or the Media...people on the right and left will further harden their partisanship.  The possibility that Government will be able to prove its worthiness will be increasingly difficult--as one of the two political parties is actively working to dismantle Government's reputation to solve problems.
5.  The problems we expect Government to solve will get more complex, expensive and politically dangerous.  And they will have to do it all with a large deficit, a crumbling infrastructure and Baby Boomers becoming THE focus....they will expect to live like they always lived...and when they (and we) realize that this simply isn't possible...holy moly.  Oh, and we will still have to deal with the rest of the world, the Wars and the Poverty.
6.  If you are waiting on anyone else to highlight any of this--you will be waiting the rest of your days.  No one will fix our problems...we will have to come to terms with what is likely a decline in income, Global power and dominance.  This isn't gloom and doom...this is true no matter what you believe politically.  Tough choices will have to be made at the top--that will determine your quality of life and your children's..
7.  The central question is:  What can you do for your Country today?  Flying a flag on FB doesn't can you fix the problems you see?  What, when and how can you use your life to benefit the lives of those around you?  Will you sit on your couch or will you be willing to get your hands dirty for your fellow Americans?  Considering what we ask of our Military and their families...I think it is the least we can do.

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