Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gnawing Around In My Noggin

I'm really trying. Like balls to the wall trying. And although I don't really know...I don't feel like I'm wasting time. I do however, feel that I do not have enough time. are the more process-y things that won't leave my thoughts.

  • Women and Social Media--the grace and generosity I've found from other women online has humbled me. We are helping one another minute by minute--without really thinking about the impact. By contrast, (and I know that this example isn't typical for everyone) in many corporate contexts, women must ignore or undermine one another to get another rung up on the ladder. To show too much support and be too "female" carries a risk for both women. We just started watching the new version of "House of Cards" with Keven Spacey. The original must be watched. But, the relationship between the lead political reporter and the young upstart was hard to watch. When women compete in a system that denies their equality, they savage one another in many instances. 
  • I'm one month into my NEW. My last day at work was the 31st of 2012--I was laid off and the campus I taught at is being closed (as soon as all current students finish). I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. I'm just going in all directions, following hunches--hoping that something takes root. It is thrilling and terrifying. The new blog is going very well. The most popular post--why a liberal would want to stay in the South. From studying stats, it seems that politics is my sweet spot. This shouldn't be a surprise to me...but as a dedicated dilettante, sometimes perspective alludes me. 
  • I'm getting training in the next two months in three critical (and new) areas: lobbying, campaigns and reporting. I have no one to speak for except myself. This is entirely liberating. 
  • My health is pretty good...although I in need of another epidural pain block in my spine. Just got health insurance (thanks TennCare) and will set it up as soon as...
  • You can also visit me at LinkedIn. ( LinkedIn Profile )This is the social media medium I feel least comfortable with...I know that I'm being "too open" about what I think--in other words, I have not created or maintained a "hiring" profile. I'm going on faith. And I'm an atheist. 
Balls to the wall people. Balls to the wall. 


  1. I've enjoyed getting to know you in social media circles. Just wanted you to know and hope to meet you in real life soon.