Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let me tell you about shame...

Shame always has roots that push past your toes.  It can reduce you to a near catatonic state in which you feel nothing about you is worth a thing.  Maybe you are like me and you hear specific voices, or maybe the shame comes over you like a passing angry cloud.  The most terrifying outcome of shame is that you begin to believe that you deserve to feel that bad.  But, here is the difficult truth--shame must be engaged to be defeated.  As soon as you can move inch by inch, move far enough away to analyze what it is doing to your thoughts, your reactions, your decisions--you must move.  If not confronted, it can swallow a person whole...making every moment a misery.

Yes, it is a natural emotion.  Yes, sometimes shame serves as a necessary deterrent. No matter its strength or longevity, it can be tamed into something manageable.  At least sometimes...and giving up is not an option.  Push and begin to remind yourself of everything you are, everything you have done--good and bad, and all that lies ahead.  You have survived your encounters before, you can do it again.  It is a matter of choice.

Reminds me again of one of my favorite films, "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.  They have crashed in wilderness and must find a way to survive.  What one man can do another can do. And it is here that I return a bit lighter, with much more humility and a tremendous resolve.

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