Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lesson learned

About the elections:

I'm glad the Republicans have some power...they can no longer just pout on the sidelines and refuse to govern.

I'm glad there is no Senator Angle, Senator Miller or Senator O'Donnell.

More power to the Tea Party if they can get the Republican party to discover fiscal conservatism.  Reagan and both Bushes ran huge deficits and grew government under their watch.  They haven't been the "small government" party as long as I've been living.  Only Bill Clinton left office with a surplus.

I'm beyond disappointment in the Democratic party...they are what they are...mostly cowards.   The Republican party is also full of cowardice, but I don't want them telling me what to believe.  At least the Dems are earnest in their efforts.  I don't trust a political party that talks on and on about ideas they never actually do anything about (deficits, cutting spending, less taxes, etc).  Whether you agree or not, the Democratic Congress that just got smacked did a hell of a job tackling big issues.

I wish that people who are anti-Government would explain what they would realistically cut. 

The 2012 race will start now and so much money (most of it from unknown origin) will be wasted and will make me sick every time I check my bank balance.

I am not mad or sad or even surprised by the results.  All signs (historical, economic and political) pointed to this outcome.  No day is darker than the day George W. Bush was given a 2nd term.

I just want adults to step forward and figure out how to solve our problems.  We simply cannot go on as is.  Either we will choose to deal with it all or the choice will be forced upon us.

I am sick of all the stereotypes we have of people of different political persuasions...they are generally inaccurate and always unfair.  They prevent us from getting things done.  I am proud that I have Conservative friends, Libertarian friends, Liberal friends and friends who don't know who Nancy Pelosi takes all kinds.

I don't entirely trust the Government and never have...but I recognize that there are times when the only institution able to intervene is the Government.  I trust the Media and Corporate interests even less.  I don't think that Government can or should solve all our problems...but, it has its place.  Government cannot create jobs and yet this is what we expect.  The truth is that both political parties sold the middle class and the working people down the river a long time ago for their own short-term gain.  The reasons for the economic collapse and the recession are many and I've spent years educating myself about markets & economics.  No one entity can be blamed...but anyone who spent more than they earned played a part.  Pink!'s song "Sober" is actually a great metaphor for how everyone in this country went crazy with credit. 

I am thrilled that I have a job that I love and a way to provide a modest life for my family.  I don't want it to be taxed away anymore than my Conservative neighbor...but, I also don't want my elderly neighbor eating ramen noodles every day and skipping on medicine.  Yes, private charity is important--but the religious institutions cannot cover all the need.  I do feel as if I am my brother's keeper, my sister's keeper.  This is the essence of my ethics and I don't want to see us become an "I got mine" society.  I don't want my children to be in that world or inherit it.

I don't feel hopeful, but I haven't for a long time.  I just pray we have enough time to get our act together.  I'm still proud to have worked so hard to elect President Obama and believe he is doing an amazing job considering the disaster he had to work with...he still has my support and respect.  I don't agree with every policy or every approach--but I think he is the most sensible politician we have had in a long time.  There are many things to be disappointed about...but, I am thankful that some leaders did the right things to prevent thirty percent unemployment even if it cost them control of the House. 

I really enjoy trying to explain Americans and their political system to my Irish husband.  He thinks we are a mostly insane giant 2 yr old w/nukes that wants our cake and ice cream w/out having to pay for it.  I can't really disagree with him but like to remind him that Irish politicians and bankers screwed their populace too.

Can we all get back to work now?

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