Friday, December 24, 2010

if only i could do scratch n' sniff across the interwebs

It would smell like mulled apple cider with clove and nutmeg and probably a wee bit of brown sugar added on the sly.

I would send none of you to a mall or to the Grocery or to Wal-Mart for the next two weeks unless you were there to earn money or for survival.

Your receipts would all be organized and easily located.

You would have bought nor rec'd any duplicates.

We would start work as early as February on our Flash Mob tentatively planned for late April--location  TBA.  No one would be injured or ill and we would enlist all the Show Choirs or as the cool kids call them  now--Glee Clubs from local high schools in our efforts.  They will be delighted to join in the fun.

I'll post and do yoga everyday.

Families and friends of family will camp regularly and find a way to send my husband home next year to see his beloved island and his family.

The precipitation has started...Happy Christmas everyone!

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