Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One little request...

I need you to give me some words, concepts, topics, ideas, etc...I want to try to do some timed writing on random topics today to exercise my brain...please....leave in comments--thx.  I'm working on a short story, but am stuck and need something else to jump start the word train.

Ok, so maybe two requests...also please call your Senator today and ask for them to pass the bill for healthcare for the 9/11 first is just politics that it hasn't happened all year.  My oldest (7 and 1/2) asked me what it was yesterday and I tried to explain it as best I could.  I cannot show him footage, so he doesn't understand the gravity of it all.  Just remember, regardless of who you normally vote for--there is no good reason to punish these folks.  Many of them have reduced lung capacity and many other ailments from the debris and it is our responsibility as Americans to take care of our own.  It is currently being blocked by Republicans in the Senate.  If you live in Tennessee, then Corker and Alexander may be able to be persuaded if they hear from enough Tennesseans...they helped pass the START treaty with the Democrats yesterday, so they aren't so ideological as to risk national security...maybe they can be patriotic today and pass this damn bill.  It doesn't add to the deficit and has been paid for already.  Do right by these brave people. Contact Elected Officials -- Locate e-mail and mailing addresses, phone numbers, and more for your local, state, and federal officials.

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