Tuesday, December 14, 2010

reasons why i have nothing of note to write about

Get ready for the litany--
  1. Freezing rain is in the forecast.
  2. My youngest turns 3 and party is @ at the house on Sunday...completely unprepared...but, taking the brave step of refusing to do gift bags for other children this year.  I have 2 other moms backing me up, so I don't feel so terrified of the backlash.
  3. 90% of shopping is done...but, I've forgotten what the 10% is that is yet to be bought.
  4. My hips ache like I just gave birth to a rhinoceros.
  5. I can't drink at all...and I want to drink heavily.   All the holiday cheer makes me want to get snookered.
  6. I did get to buy 5 new books today...too lazy to get up and share all the titles and authors w/you...here's what I can see from here and/or remember:  Choke, Confederacy of Dunces, another copy of The Prophet, Don't Know Much About History, and Good Poems for Hard Times.
  7. I am craving some street justice from The Wire but the hubby has banned any additional serial programs at this time...we are overwhelmed.
  8. Phineas and Ferb are on ALL THE TIME.
  9. I went to a store today where almost everything in the store was .13 (cents).  Most of it wasn't worth the expense.
  10. Poems are stuck right now in some neural tube in my brain and aren't out yet.  I promise you an old one tomorrow. 
Good night dear readers and stay warm.

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