Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions that might actually work....

In 2011, I will read many fantastic books...I have already picked them all out.  If I read about 3 a week I can get through them all.  Of course, things won't go as planned...I try to be open to detours.  My children will grow older--as will I.  We will move to a new place, that I try to imagine every day.  I will try to be an even better employee and manager.  I will give up my vacation to send my husband home to Ireland.  I will try to do some sort of exercise every other day.  I will continue to try to revive the writer in me.  I will (and this has been a resolution for like twenty years) DRINK MORE WATER.  I will try and have regular dates with my husband.  We have only gone out on our own about once a year the past five years.  We have only been away overnight once in five years. this is a priority. I will try and spend more time with and old.  I will try and perform a few times this year.  I will volunteer to teach Creative Writing somewhere with my good friend Kari (the brain trust will reboot).  I will do my best to be a force of good on this planet and I will watch all my character flaws like a hawk to better care for myself and others.  I will love better than ever before.  I will also look fantastic at there.  Bon Chance to all of you.

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