Saturday, March 19, 2011

Confession of the Day: I am an Appalachian-American and Burst with some Mountain Pride

So, this post is gonna have the scattered feel of life inside my brain at the end of a tough week.  Finally, relaxation has come to my mind and body and I am flooded by hopes and ideas.  So here is a "what to look forward to" post--let's just call it an infomercial for the expressions of a Human.

Upcoming:  two days with one of my favorite people, my cousin Jennifer E.  She is about eight years younger than me.  On both sides of my family, I am the oldest all my cousins came to my arms as infants,.carefully and lovingly held.  I have some crazy love for them.  So yes, this explains why I am so bossy and why I have always loved young children.  The weekend will be full of laughing and quiet, comfortable silences and my children getting to know their 2nd cousin.

I will be officially proclaiming the month of May to be Appalachian in America Month.  Each day I will share a story, fact or figure about why people should quit using us as a punch line and why they should instead say thank you...

Also:  Got some stuff to say to the Left in this country--or to be more precise--a certain "Fire Dog Lake" portion of the Left.  In a word--unbunch yr panties and see the big picture.

About Libya:  We will be blamed no matter what we do...the question is what is the right thing to do?  And how?

About past adventures:and musings about various nonsensical journeys: working on a post about my favorite shows since I saw my first at 13 (Journey in Columbia, South Carolina with my oldest, bestest bud, Arlene H) until Music Saves Mountains last year with Deanna and Jenny (who deserve their own post about The Worst Boss Ever).   My remembered of adventures taken cross country--one with Susan H. and one with the above mentioned Arlene H.  I'm getting my scanner fixed b'f these posts will have sufficient impact.  Finished FB face-to-face reunion with Heather/Feather yesterday...trying to do one more in the next 10 days...Camp Wesley Woods, why Sexual Assault Crisis Centers and why you should support them locally, My History with Fashion, Waterfalls I Have Loved, Why Barcelona is the Coolest City Ever, my trip to El Salvador, My Sawyer/Jack Dilemma, Parenting By Mood and other bad habits of mind, St. Dismas and how He led me to Vermont, Living in Louisiana and what I remember, Airport High School and Fulmer Middle--how I stumbled my way through the toughest years...

So, as you can see I'm full, I'm reading TOO MANY GOOD BOOKS AT ONE TIME and am flooded with a queue of films that must be watched by the time we move, occasionally unable to move without severe pain, haven't danced without abandon in over a year, and I'm trying to take care of everyone around me, all the time, at work, home and in the world.  In short, I need to eliminate the need for sleep or win the lottery.   But, I won't.  So--it is write when you can, how you can, as you can--don't let two days go by without a post.  It is the best I can do and still work on being a stellar Human.

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  1. love you. excited about your upcoming posts. maybe when (if? hopefully when) you come out here in july we can set you up with some top-notch acupuncture... what'dya say?