Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tullamore Dew is calling....

It is rare that I drink.  It is even more rare that I get intoxicated.  This has been true for about nine years now.  Back in my single heyday--I drank like a fish...but, I was in bars three to four nights a week performing...and it kinda goes hand in hand.  It is unusual for me to crave any I have enough trouble staying awake without it the last, it doesn't mix with the meds I'm taking for my recovery.  But tonight, I WANT A SHOT OF GOOD IRISH WHISKEY.

I bought some for the hubs, but I think it is long gone and so I will go without.  What I want is the taste, yes...but I really want the warmth in my throat, the burn that goes all the way down to your gut.

The sad part is that it reminds me that there will be no going out for St. Pat's this year.  I work that night and so for the first time in many years (since I was heavily pregnant) I won't be going out and banging on tables and singing "Wild Rover."  Worse--my husband won't get to go out either...and for an Irishman, that is like giving up Christmas.   Of course, we will cope and moan and drink Guinness on our own at home.  However, we will for the 3rd year in a row, visit my son's elementary school and talk about Ireland and shamrocks and Paul will tell the tale of Finn McCool and the Salmon of Knowledge.  He speaks a bit of Irish and teaches them to say "thank you."  They marvel at his accent and ask the most insane questions.  Our whole family goes and we talk about Saoirse's name and a little bit of Irish history.  Sometimes we play a bit of music from The Dubliners.  My oldest son beams with pride every year.

I went to the St. Pat's parade in NYC one year.  I saw enough green vomit to not make me want to return.  I haven't been able to celebrate in Dublin day.  One thing I did learn about Irish whiskey...Bushmills is Proddy whiskey (made up North--where I did take a tour and enjoy the lounge at the end), Jameson is typically the Catholic preference (and made in the South)--but, if you want your whiskey to be apolitical...drink Tully.  I find it to be the smoothest of the three.  So there you go...a primer for you Yanks.

Where is my shot glass with a picture of the Chattanooga Aquarium on it?  I may have to fill it with grape juice...just like the Communions of my youth.

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