Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mom Stuff

Even though their existence means that I travel to the Grocery store more than anyone should ever have to and even though they are always sticky, bickering and whiny and even though they contribute to our Zombie-like day to day with their sleepless ways--they can be hysterical, irreverent and surprising.  Our youngest Brendan continues his obsession with being "Master Yoda" and has recently mastered potty training.  Saoirse, the Rosebud Princess is a joyful girl unless and until you don't do want she wants you to do.  Riley, the surly seven year-old who tosses about words like "ancestor" and "comprehend" can talk himself into a lot of trouble.  I see bits of myself in each of them.  They loved ET and seemed to laugh in all the right places.  Glad to be a Momma...

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  1. Would love to see the little guys. Your description of Rley reminds me of Elizabeth and Destiny.