Friday, September 24, 2010

New Poem--New Day: Hunger

To be famished--
it isn't a knot that forms like a star collapsing
it isn't an alarm using agrivation as stimulus

somewhere hidden and primal
our reptilian brains rouse us to scrounge, scurry and hunt
if we suppress for too long
the wave passes over us
and we substitute animation for sustenance
but survival is a robust Mistress
and sooner or later
urges must be sated or they initiate a self-destruct button.

How did Bobbby Sands do it?
How do you tame that which has taken thousands of years to refine?

like many demands that originate in flesh,
each morsel is chosen
each calorie is utilized in service of the Body
each salty bit that stays on the tongue

Attention must be paid.

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