Wednesday, November 24, 2010

turkeys might have a few more hours before the slaughter

It is morning and I know this because coffee is within reach, my youngest has two light sabers in hand and is practicing his blocks and attacks.  My little warrior...he actually studies YouTube clips...he is two.  He turns 3 in a few weeks.  Unbelievable really.  We are preparing him to protect the family from the coming Zombie influx.

I slept most of the night...but strange & hazy dreams are the norm now...let's blame it on the narcotics.

Still battling a fever, but it isn't going above 100 and that is really good means my body is probably not rejecting my new Wolverine spine parts. 

It's been over two weeks now since the surgery and I feel that I might soon be turning a corner. 

Enough of answering the "How are you?" question.  Lord, I simply loathe small talk. 

Paul and I watched the end of "Luther" last night and I feel sure there will be a follow-up mini-series--altho I think they could do a whole series...great characters.  We are also watching "The Event" and I have mixed feelings about it.  I don't think I'd miss it if I never saw it again, but it is entertaining.  Also watched a British film called "Happy Go Lucky" and it was enjoyable, but I have no idea what the point of the film was...just one of those slice of life deals.

Carrying my journal around in my back brace...Riley calls it my exoskeleton.  I also put my heating pad, a pen and a copy of Harper's magazine in their as I hobble around.  Brenno says it looks like Batman's utility belt. 

Did I mention that I'm ready to go back to work?  I am such a needy sort of extrovert...I need to be able to interact with lots of people everyday.  I am looking forward to teaching Political Science again in Jan...nothing in the world is more satisfying to me intellectually.  Teaching Critical Thinking is fun too...if only because I get to make the Law and Order sound (balm, balm) when I talk about gathering facts.  When I was five, I wanted to be a lawyer for the UN...before that...a marine biologist.  It is a testament to all the wonderful teachers I had growing up that my interests (no matter how varied) were nurtured and encouraged. I sang, I danced, I wrote essays, I tried to be a cheerleader, I acted, I traveled and learned about anything and everything I could find out about...still the same way.

Here is the list of books currently swirling in my brain (titles may be a bit improvised)

Hillary Clinton's autobiography "In My Life" ?
Best Non-Required Reading--edited by Dave Eggers--edition 2005
David Rakoff--cannot remember the name
How We Die--can't remember the author
The Peculiarities of being Irish--by Pat Inger--something...cannot remember last name  (Paul calls him Pat the Hat)
History of Appalachia--can't remember the author
Re-reading America: the book

Now, I know I could Google all the correct information and names, but it is too early to care about particulars...

And now for my wish list:

Earth: The Book
World War Z--another copy....mine got gone
The new David Sadaris book...about animals
The new David Rakoff book
The new Reza Aslan book
The new Matt Taibbi book--Griftopia
Any book  by Jonah Lehrer
The Big Short
The New Non-Required Reading...edition 2010--Dave Eggers
The new book about the Financial crisis that has "Devils" in the title
Season 3 and 4 of LOST.
lots of chocolate ice cream with whip cream and pecans to put on top.

that is it...not very much ranting this time...just rambling.  What is your wish list?

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