Thursday, December 2, 2010

For my new fab new FB friend Eric Allen Bell!/notes/eric-allen-bell/change/236397695674?notif_t=note_reply

This is his wonderful story called "Change."  You have to read it in order for any of the rest of this to make sense...

Immediately I began to wonder about the girl who answered the ad.  At 2:45am this morning, I was thinking about her side of the story.  Eric says it is ok to write a story about her...and I think I'm gonna have to b'c I cannot get her off my mind.  In my 20's...I would've been that girl...hell, I'd probably moved him in and fed him soul food.  It wouldn't have lasted long as I was a Social Worker and made less money that Public School teachers--I just couldn't have sustained the long-term me--I tried too many times.  So many writers, artists, poets & musicians were taken in my me...given access to anything I had.  It was my was of being codependent and supporting the arts.  Thank the Lord, I finally grew out of that...but her name was Shannon and I intend to take a stab at filling her in.  Thanks Eric for the chance to collaborate.  I'm glad I found you on are a good writer, an honest writer and someone unafraid to show your scars.


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