Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time for a report...

Brendan is almost constantly half-naked...potty training has freed him from the constrictions of pants.

Saoirse's cough is better and she asked her Dad to cut out a number 1, from which she made me a card with flowers, hot dogs & caves & hearts on it...why?  'Cause I'm her #1 Mommy.  How awesome is that!!!

Riley is becoming one with his PSP...responding to questions in one word spurts.  "How was school?"  "Good."  "Did you do Art today?"  "Yes--can I have 30 minutes on my psp now?"
Gotta plan a birthday party and FAST...Brenno turns 3 on the 20th and I've no idea where to book it...gonna try the Discovery Museum...pretty cheap and will wear them out and keep us from having to do any pre or post clean up.  All he wants is a double light saber.  That is all. 

Paul is about ragged from doing literally EVERYTHING for the last couple of months.  He is so exhausted he falls asleep during our few hours of kid-free time at night and I've missed him terribly.  Sounds weird---I see him constantly since I am bound to the house, but he is my best friend and I miss hanging out with him.

I miss my students and my co-workers like crazy.  Extroverts need constant infusions of other energies & my wonderful job allows me an endless fix.  I probably won't get to return to work until after the 10th...the Doc says the 20th, but I'm gonna beg...otherwise the kids might think they were bad this year b'c Santa was so stingy.  I look forward to teaching again...especially my Poli Sci class.  This is the highlight of my job.  I get to teach it about once a year, usually followed by Ethics (which is almost as good, just not quite).  Oh how I love to explain what Socialism really is...

I am counting the days until tax returns are available.  We are going to have to move somewhere in Smyrna so that Roo can stay in the same school and I can be closer to Nashville.  If we have to live in a one room shack...we will.  I haven't seen most of my things in 2 years.  I did the right thing helping out my mom, but now it is time to reclaim the Chapman-Gibbons fortress.  I need to be able to curse at will, buy beer without feeling 16 & play music too loudly.  Also, I like to walk around naked when the kids are asleep.   This isn't really kosher around your deeply Christian mother.

Mood is improving, movement is improving and I only have a few really bad hours every day.  This is good.  The fire is raging in my belly to be more, do more and create more.  Creatively, I haven't felt this inspired in eight years or so. Not sure what has happened except that I've had time...

One more thing:  I wish I could resume a singing role with the Faculty Band at this year's Holiday Bash.  I know I'm not the best singer, but I can belt out some stuff and harmonize without really trying...singing is about the most enjoyable thing there is.

Bottom Line:  I'm holding on and reaching out. 

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