Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pistol-Packing Granny

She is my grandmother on my father's side.  She makes sublime biscuits and sweet tea and there is no one in the world like her. 

One day I talked to her on the phone for about 30 minutes and immediately got off and started to try and transcribe our conversation.  I want to try and video her again...I tried several years ago, but she wasn't so comfortable with it.

She has always watched soap operas religiously.  When I was young, my brother and I believed that the characters were real.  My brother even made a prayer request out loud in church for some poor sot from General Hospital whose life was falling apart....she calls them her "stories."

She collects figurines...birds and cats mostly.  She has a wonderful home--too large for her really, but I couldn't blame her for not giving it up.  Her husband died in 1980.  She never learned to drive.  She still works cleaning houses.  She is at least 80...cannot remember the year she was born, but I know that she is the feistiest, most stubborn, funny and genuine pistol-packin' Granny I got. 

I also have two other living Grandparents who deserve their own posts...but, today I'm thinking about my Granny and how hard her life has been and how she has ruled her roost without a bit of caution.  She has a wonderful garden and a generous fig tree in the back yard.  I think it is at least an acre of land...maybe more.  She likes rock music and hates Country music because her husband always made her listen to it when he was living.  She gets crushes on movie stars.  She will laugh till she can hardly breathe.  Her name is Edna and she is so loved.  There is much more to say about her...stories to tell--but today I just want to say to the world that I love her.  I love her, I love her, I love her.

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