Saturday, December 11, 2010

Update to dear readers...

so...I took an unplanned vacay from the Internet for four days...and I must tell you that the withdrawal was severe at first.  Here is what has happened: 
  • went to the Tin Roof for Battle of the Bands show and rec'd tons of hugs and well and worth the terror of of getting there...busted a front tire on the way and a Good Samaritan named Jeremy changed it to my spare. Then, another Good Samaritan helped me inflate the spare so that I could make the journey downtown and back
  • went to Company Holiday Ho-down and got a multitude of hugs and a card designed by one of our Graphic Design students with tons of well wishes from amazing gesture.  I sincerely felt loved
  • called doctors and told them the truth about all that is going on with my me physically and emotionally...took control of my situation and turned away from victim hood.  Made a plan to get better and stronger
  • got 80% of Christmas shopping done and groceries bought w/out any back spasms
  • got paid !!!!!!
  • continued reading the excellent 2 books The Living Dead and The Glass Castle. Also started re-reading The Prince my Machiavelli in advance of my Poli Sci class that starts on 1/7.  Gonna rock that class like nobody's business....
  • created Date Book for next year--got very Virgo
  • scheduled very badly needed dental appointments for me and the hubs
  • made Beer Bread--turned out a little dry, but not totally a disaster and for me this is progress
  • left said Bread @home instead of taking it to Company Ho-down....took box of moon pies instead.
  • eating more--ok most of it is chocolate, but give me a break
  • drank a real Cider--almost like Bulmer's.  Only one..I'm not insane--I know I cannot drink w/these meds
  • my daughter is too pretty to be so sweet and giving...i have a dark hope she will be thick like me so that maybe the boys won't come after her too soon
  • friends, family and total strangers have come to my aid and have been extra great humans
  • watched Julie/Julia...very lovely and satisfying--watching Predators now--not quite so lovely, but interesting nonetheless
  • genuinely excited about 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow and Monday
  • thinking I get to go back to work on the 21st unless the Doc says no
  • was sad to see Mr. Echo go on Lost (yes I know I'm behind)
  • also kind of took a break from news...but still keeping up w/the basics...Elizabeth Edwards is at peace now and this makes me feel a little better
  • several visitors responded to my desperate email begging for human meant so much to me and I appreciated their time and willingness to listen and share themselves w/me
  • drove in rush hour traffic and killed no one
  • have settled on the fact that Nashville will me my home for the foreseeable future and that gosh darn it...I'm gonna make the most of it.  Made a list of stuff that me and the fam can do next year to suck more marrow out of the bone
  • since i haven't had this blog, i have been journaling a lot and writing pages and pages of things I want to write more about...fertility abounds between the ears
  • been dealing w/my youngest acting out the stress of the situation w/my injury...peeing EVERYWHERE and drawing all over the we are trying positive reinforcement instead of losing our collective minds and getting angry.  He gets Star Wars stickers now when he makes good choices 
  • Riley is celebrating Hanukkah with his other family and I sincerely hope he is having a warm and wonderful time...
  • convinced my skittish mother to read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
  • spend at least an hour every day visualizing our new house (when we can afford to move and can find one in my son's school district)
  • got three old yearbooks...from three different schools to browse thru to help me find some people I lost along the way
  • have developed laryngitis the last twelve hours for no discernible reason
  • have been compiling an incredibly long list of music I want
  • watched the Music Maestro episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold again...damn it is good
  • is wanting to plan a girl's wknd away next year (thanks Mrs. Raulerson).   Cabin--woods--fire--wine
  • must do something about the severe dehydration I am having...I drink water constantly, but am as dry that ding-dang Bread I made
  • is ready to resume conjugal visits with my gorgeous husband
  • bought a new purple hat, purple fishnets and scarf...totally selfish and highly pleasing
  • decorated Christmas tree and watched Charlie Brown Christmas w/the kiddos
  • listened to my Earl Scruggs album on the turntable
  • asking people for things I want or need with less embarrassment
  • is hoping that when tax returns come back, I can send my hubby home for 10 days or so to see his family
  • doesn't have a strong opinion too much about the Wikileaks ware more about keeping the Internet like the wild west...
  • is craving some hot chocolate, but is too lazy and/or sore to go get it and to shameful to ask my husband to stop his violent movie to go fix it for me
  • have a bit of a manifesto to post soon...wrote it years ago, but it still means everything to me
  • still thinking and developing "Shannon" (see earlier post).  She wanted to fall in love with the man she was afraid to be...
That's all for now folks....I've missed you even thought I don't know who or if anyone reads just helps me to reach out.  Seacrest--out.

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