Monday, December 6, 2010

The Amazon speaks...

Don't count me out people...I am fierce when I need to be.  I can be persistent to the point beyond annoyance...I can figure out your motives and needs--I got enough Batman in me to figure out how to get out of dangerous or sticky situations.  Don't doubt.

I got this fight in me b'c I'm beyond ticked at how the regular people in this country are fodder for Wall Street.  Too many times being put on hold, too many times being transfered to voicemail.  Good Lord...can we make this experience more pleasant for us peasants? 

Thinking a lot about Ireland today...did you know that when they cut services for the elderely there--the "Grey Army" (mostly over 80) march to protest and shake their  walkers at the Bad Guys who have gutted their economy?   Americans are just too lazy to do anything like busy watching good TV.

I don't diss the Tea Party people if they want to protest.  I've been to many protests in DC--for more  affordable housing, against the Iraq war, for Reproductive rights--I may have forgotten a few...I was a bit of an  activist for many years--but the point is...why are we so passive about what is being done to us? 

It isn't just our Government that is in over its head...almost all of them are...except China and Germany and a few others.  The banks are grand....bottom lines improving b'c we gave them money when they screwed up-screwed us.  Their are reports daily about how all these big businesses are doing grand and hoarding money until they know about taxes and the recovery.  HIRE PEOPLE and the economy will improve.

But guess what...most of us are scraping by...and God bless those who cannot find work.  My heart breaks for them--knowing that they are consumed with worry and that if the find an interview they have to turn into Meryl Streep to hide their desperation.  It just isn't right.  I don't know what I can do about it--except educate.  This I can do.

I'm also going to start some kind of Creative Writing class somewhere--maybe in the Women's Prison or Magdalene House--somewhere where people need to express.  Maybe I'll even volunteer to do it at my school as well.  I've done it previously in juvenile prisons, homeless shelters, and homes for survivors of Domestic Violence.  It is extremely fulfilling. 

Now this has no impact on how the economy or Government or anything else...but I honestly believe that regular people can become ACTIVE instead of passive...feeling confident in how they can express themselves...

When the Flood hit Nashville--it wasn't the Government or anyone else that stepped up to help those was Nashvillians.  So regular people need to step up and do what they can to empower other regular people.  Sorry to sound all Star Wars...but, it is our only hope. 

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