Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Homer reaction (the strangling of Bart) & too much snow...

Yes, it is totally normal to want your children to go far, far away after being snowed in for days and days.  No, you should not harm them.  Yes, you can find ways to force them to their rooms for "quiet time."  Who cares if they get mad?  What are they gonna do?  Where are they gonna go?  I have one dressed as Batman, one Batgirl and one Spiderman that all will not quit yammering on.  They are pushing Paul and I both to the brink of TOTAL CRANKINESS.  I believe this is just normal and it is best not to strangle them or even allow yourself to imagine it...just find a way to get away from them before you yell too much.  Also, they are cute and they give good hugs and kisses...remind yourself consciously that they bring much joy also...they are not only constant drains on your energy and Self.  Bon chance to all the parents out there today...I'm in sympathy with your inflated sense of frustration with your children.  Breathe and drink if you can.

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