Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ok, I am going to be annoying...(prepare)

I'm going to boast about my oldest son Roo, even though I hate it when others get to competitive about their kids...sue me.  Between Dec. 25 and Jan. 2, he read the 4 of the Wimpy Kids books.  In the next week, he read the first Harry Potter book and since Sunday afternoon, he is one chapter away from finishing Harry Potter #2.   ALSO, his diagnostic scores came back today:  in Reading/Comprehension he answered 30 out of 32 correctly....94% and in math 31 out of 32...97%! 

I'm going to get him tested for giftedness and see if he can skip a grade...he is only seven.  I am bursting with pride.  Forgive me for being a boaster...I'm just really proud of him. 

The only two "bad" marks on his report card were for "excessive talking" (which I, too suffered from as a child and continue to battle) and "respecting teacher's authourity" (also a problem with me and the hubs).  So all in all, he is a lot like me...Lord, help him not get in his own way.

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