Monday, February 28, 2011

i hunger for the Island: to be on Penny's boat

So I'm on Season 5 of Lost, a late bloomer to the series and am completely obsessed.  It is genuinely a true escape and am in love with almost all the characters--minus the Linus of course.

But that really isn't the reason I'm posting today.  I'm here because today was a horrifically bad day.  My right leg (the typical strong one) has lost all strength and I can hardly walk.  I've had over sixty spasms in my hip and down my leg for most of the day.  It is when I am this debilitated that I crave some time with Hurley and Desmond.  I want no food, only hot chocolate.  I want no extra comforts or treatment...just a heating pad and time travel and my blog.

Paul watched it without me...I was skeptical--as I'm not typically a Sci-Fi/Fantasy type girl by inclination.  The brutal truth is that it was a way of distinguishing myself in my family of origin.  My Dad was a Dr. Who fan...with a video tape collection.  My brother is and always has been a natural fit in this arena.  Other than Star Wars...I avoided Sci-Fi as  long as I could...and then I kept dating men who were of this particular nerd sub-group.  Being a different sort of nerd--I came to withstand Star Trek.  To passionately watch BSG, Caprica, anything Whedon...even Dr. Who.To appreciate all sorts of Outer Limits...edges I go with him.  Good times.

And speaking of Outer Limits, our local Comic book joint recently burned down.  My whole family has been going there at least twice a month for years...they are a family business--father and son and they lost everything and we found out in in a bank parking lot when we pulled up to use an ATM...we saw each other and their loss was evident and profoundly felt by my children...all of whom love to look at their magnificent Yoda and asked endlessly if he was burned...we told them it was probably smoke damage.

Yeah, so really crappy unfair stuff happens to extremely decent people who provided a haven.  Lord, I feel for them.  Ain't no amount of fist-shakin' that can ease such loss.

So back to the Island, that has popped up anew in my dream many archetypes, so many odd shapes and turns into wildly good teevee.  That's it for now--gots some Jack to mack on...

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