Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"that's how i roll...i have one gear and that's go"

Immortal words of wisdom from Charlie Sheen--at the height what we call in the mental health profession:.coo f**ckin' coo.

It is the car wreck you cannot turn away from just cause you secretly want to see some blood.

I want to be a megalomaniac just for one day.  Pronounce my most out there ideas with two men I'll call my "playthings."  I'll be on every network and be burning up Twitter.  I'll be the most well-payed actor for a crappy TV show in American history.  I'll force serious news agencies to stop talking about what is happening in Libya to talk about Tiger blood and things that are "gnarly."

As he says, "What's not to love?"

Maybe it is his violence against women that makes me what to humiliate him in a way he might feel it.  Maybe it is the ego that I've had the misfortune of seeing in way too many addicts and people with serious mental illness.  Maybe it is the fact that all is forgiven--except when he makes a slur against his shows Producer.  Maybe it is because he married Denise Richards...a woman that consistently makes me cringe.  I'm not sure--I know I should feel compassion for him, but he is symptomatic of a lot of what I hate about our culture.

So boo and hiss...and to all my friends who are worried about me...YES, I WILL CALL THE SURGEON TOMORROW.  I don't respond well to nagging, but your concern has urged me to at least call...so there.

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