Monday, February 14, 2011

New Poem/New Day: Discernment

There are mysteries ahead.
They motion to me with a nod--lick my earlobes when I'm in the shower.
Most times, I resist their pull, because it means engaging true risk.
And though I was born with a propensity to push limits, I am not without fear.
I know what dark places can induce--the scars they can leave...
To reach out selectively into voids that appear as portals is to sometimes seem desperate.
Truth be told, when I see these openings...I am aroused by the question marks that persist.
The adrenaline must be channeled though, not simply released.
This took centuries to learn and centuries to tame.
Some unexplored spaces should remain undisturbed.
But, to choose dormancy
       to inhabit tedium
       to say no more than yes--
       this can wound the heart of the Universe
All life yearns for one thing--Life & Evolution &Survival
I am always returning to the questions of my youth (too many British Romantic poetry)...
What does it mean to truly live--to make sure that every moment is maximized?
It's about quality, isn't it?
Exploration is in and of itself a embrace of danger.
The density of one's experiences determines the depth of one's dive down--
the more Holy it is when you break the surface.

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