Saturday, February 19, 2011

Only One Word for Today: Family

I have been driving for the better part of two days to reach Myrtle Beach, SC to attend the wedding of my cousin Lani.  My mother, Saoirse and I made the journey...leaving the boys at home to be wild and unsupervised...yes, I'm tired.  Yes, my back is hurting pretty badly.  Yes, it is a helluva drive...but, why?  Because I had dinner tonight with my Papa and Grandma, Two Uncles, Two Aunts and two of my wee 2nd cousins.  More on the way tomorrow.

Saoirse and I are going down to walk the beach in the morning and then take a swim in the indoor pool.  Then...a little shopping and more visiting with more family.  Here's the thing about my family...I could not love them more and always have felt it to be an honor to know them as well as I do.  Unlike many families today, our extended family has stayed tight and close.  My cousin's wedding is on Monday and we could not be more thrilled to celebrate with her.

Her mother's name was Gena.  She was my favorite aunt on my Mom's side growing up...always had time for me, smart, funny and independent.  When I was ten, she was killed (along w/her best friend) in a car accident.  Lani was two and survived uninjured.  She has always held a special place in our tribe.  And we are here because her mother cannot be...and because we love her and are so happy she has found the man of her dreams (even though he is a Brit).  Lani has grown into a thoughtful, independent, brave and kind woman and he is lucky to have her.

Little Saoirse is asleep beside me, cuddled up close and I'm watching an SVU marathon.  I miss Paul and the boys terribly.  My oldest son had kind of a rough week and I hate I'm not there to coddle him and my poor Baby Brenno (not a baby anymore) was heartbroken not to be able to come along. I am almost ready to dive into a book, but I had to check in.

I haven't been a bad blogger I promise--just a very sick one.  We had a crazy mini-flu that consumed the whole family over a weekend and while the hubs was sick, I had to do lots of activities I'm not supposed to do I had a bit of a "relapse" with my back.  Surgeon says all is well, just take it easy--I roll my eyes at him and tell him this isn't really an option.  So, it isn't that I haven't wanted to write...I've just been getting functional.

Know this dear readers...treasure those who you claim as family.  You don't have to always agree with them...but you short yourself if you don't move beyond differences and listen to the common pulse.

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