Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just so you know...Fools make the world by mistake...

I'm in the process of writing three different stories to share with you...also preparing the set list I'd like to do with a band that will magically appear and want to share a stage with me....

For now you need to know I'm a big fan of the Archetype of the Fool and he/she shows up again and again in my life in various ways.  The following poem is one expression of a Fool trying to make sense of it all...It is called  "To Be Brave."

To be brave is to join the circus of proving
to paint the face
to risk the fall
yes, it is a cousin to stupid
yes, it is blown up into distortion by a hero-hungry mob
yes, it is lost on the incurious.
Brave is part wish
If only wish, then brave is timid like a shy dissenter among patriots
Brave is also part fist in the air, boot on ground, look in the eye.
How do we gain it or lose it and can it be stored?
There is only the building of it—the unveiling and it is a constant—
Or it is not.
There is no later or next week.
There is no holding onto it for a better moment.
It arrives like an overdue baby—insistent and painful
Glistening and bloody, unknown until it is known
And called by its name, unsure of whether or not it has earned its glory,
It is not secure in its’ avoidance of prudence.
It stumbles forward nonetheless.

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