Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things that make me giddy when I'm bleak and/or what makes me a Freak

It's been a tough week--facing death by mattress, losing all savings, working very hard and long, lots of unknowns and, today I choose to note some things/people/experiences that bring me out of the funk when I think on them:

  • whenever my husband tells stories from growing up in Balleyfermot. 
  • anytime anyone posts video of Led Zeppelin on FB.
  • seeing a good Graphic Novel come to life in accurate fashion on the screen--the latest Superman--All-Star Superman for example--gorgeous.
  • sharing my new love for Science Fiction that others may not know about--example--the new "V" that has the greatest SuperVillian on tv at this time.  Anna is the business...and she is stunningly beautiful and she was at one time the great Anora from the Whedon epic "Firefly"
  • hearing my four year-old daughter create her own SuperHero Universe--longer post on this later.  Sneak Peek:  she is LovePower.  Theme song:  All You Need Is Love.  Powers:  shoots hearts out of her hands to make people love her, shoots hearts and a high note out of her mouth to make bad guys fall down.  I am ShinePower:  my eyes shine and I can see through "stuff."
  • having the great Richard Engel be my FB friend: and the amazing job he does for all of us...see above.  I admire him greatly and get all goose-pimply and acting like a star-struck teenager that I have the ability (thx FB) to tell him directly what an amazing journalist he is...
  • strong black coffee with a wee bit of sugar and a fair amount of half and half
  • seeing something happen in the eyes of a student when I can tell they hear me and are all of a sudden--listening and understanding
  • telling a room full of students that the only defense against the people in the world who actively work to deceive them and profit off their ignorance/laziness/apathy is to become a walking BS Detector and do the work of Fighting Them.
  • my friend Lori PC who has been a mentor to me, an older sister, a genuine friend despite the fact that we are politically polar opposite in our views.  She lets me moan and whine to her at will and has always given me wise and solid advice--she also doesn't hesitate to tell me I am full of crap.  I have a few friends like this and they are worth more than gold.
  • meeting strangers on the Internet and becoming real friends in real frakkin' cool
  • working at a company where I can call my boss from the side of the Interstate during rush hour, covered in glass with a car inoperable and having him hop to my rescue by finding co-workers (one of whom rescued me in my time of need and didn't really know me)  Thanks Richard W and Destiny--I am fortunate to work with such quality humans
  • kisses from my three year old--every single one.
  • watching my seven year old dissect commercials as if he is an attorney...pointing out which products and pitches are in his words "can't be true."  He is his momma's son...critically approaching the world.  I asked him the other day if he ever spoke to God.  He replied after a lengthy silence..."Well, I don't really see the point.  I mean, I know some people believe that you come back as an animal, some people believe that when you die you are just dead, some people believe you go to heaven and I have no idea what you believe...but, think about it--we can't really find out until we are why worry with it now?"  I could have squeezed him to death.  
  • Being right about Knoxville a LONG time ago...  and knowing that me and my friends were integral to that city finding itself anew.  BTW, they still need a Hank Week, since Knoxville was the last place Hank Sr. was seen alive.  Knoxville is the birthplace of country music--Nashville just made it commercial.  
  • learning something new in the morning, usually from NPR and sharing it in the afternoon: online, in the classroom--quick dissemination of knowledge--so awesome.
  • Highlander Center
  • Dreaming of Driving through the Mountains, swaying with the turns, handling the sharp curves with ease--like I was born to do it...
  • Being a Star Wars family
  • Having two friends for many years that are having their commitment ceremony in July in San Fran...I love you Ellen and Shelley and even if I cannot make the trip--you two have always been in my heart.  We lived through 9/11 together when we barely knew one another and it has cemented us for life.
  • Tweets by Roger Ebert
  • Having a friend that is so incensed at my treatment my the Metropolitan Police Department that he wants to call the Mayor.
  • Meeting my goal of ten FB real life reunions in one year...posts coming...#10 happens on Tuesday.
So there you go dear readers--just a sampling of what gets me through