Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Poem/New Day: Only One Person is On a Phone

blessed to be sittin' in the panorama of a perfect day at Centennial park
there is the literal hugging of trees
cartwheels like fireworks
clouds just puttin' on a show--sparse, yet full and whispering an invitation for interpretation
number three from the sun, how magnificent you appear from here...
kites and frisbees and a patchwork of blankets
bikes and baseball mitts and guitars sleepily played
ponytails and pigtails and braids full of color
wiener dogs and skinny guys walking a tightrope
statues climbed--view liberated by the limitless of the horizon
a found Star Wars flier, fixed by the parts of other fliers unable to take the wind
tulips so vivid
girls in formal wear posing and preening
unintentionally pale compared to the backdrop they choose
kurdish children imagining with mine on the train
pretending to be travelers--their laughter echoing far
standing on the corner of the Parthenon
full and pleased with humanity at play...

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