Thursday, May 19, 2011

Got Prettied Up and Painted

A stranger put eyeshadow on my eyes today and another one painted my nails an irreverent melon and all I can think in my head is Justin Townes Earle

Highlights of the week so far: 
  1. Loved seeing the implosion of Newt Gingrich and the magnificent glitter bomb ("Feel the Rainbow") that was visited upon him and his terrifyingly large head.  That was sweet and sparkly.
  2. Also dug my class today...such a lively, honest and friendly group taking a day before Finals to share food and stories with each other. 
  3. I've been walking like a professional since yesterday afternoon. 
  4. The myriad of semi-organized stacks that surround me in my office are slowly disappearing. 
  5. I've managed to eat apricots every day this week. 
  6. Saoirse graduated from preschool and wore her wee cap and gown.  Proud as a peacock she was. 
  7. Getting a hug from my momma last night after a hard day was quite a gift. 
  8. Talking with all my friends I made in middle school and one of the high schools I attended about our Chorus teacher--the untouchable genius that is Ms. McGowan.  We have been Scooby and the Gang all week trying to find her, while at the same time remembering songs, dangerous stunts, dance routines that we did when most of us were at our most awkward.
  9. A rare chance to vocalize the elephant in the room
  10. It isn't how many times you fall, it is how many times you get back up. (yup, yup)
  11. This. She is fabulous and even Robert Plant wanted to see what she could do with the song--usually Led Zeppelin doesn't allow American Idol to use its music, but Haley requested and they granted.  Thank you Robert Plant. (Many things begin and end with Robert Plant)

And just because:

Allright...time to make my stacks even smaller, eat Lindnt Lindor chocolate truffles with salted almonds and make it count.

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