Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cheesetastic Tuesday

I am an American.  As such, I like a lot of cheese on just about everything--from broccoli to pop culture.  Each Tuesday, I will share with you something cheesetastic that satisfies my need for CHEESE.  Enjoy!

First up:  the very first thing that came to my mind to celebrate on the first Cheesetastic Tuesday is this hit by Elton John.  Yes, it is a horrible song.  And yet, it is catchy and often more meaningful than anyone would want to admit.  Get ready for a good coating of the gooey stuff:

Ok, now the cheesiness has given you a feeling somewhat like comfort food.  Let's add some more...I give you a scene from one of the greatest cheesy films of all time, Airplane.
Here is a series of scenes with the wonderful Lloyd Bridges, father of the FINENESS that is Jeff Bridges.  My father would watch this film over and over again.  He would slap his legs while tears streamed down his face, laughing.  He had a distinctive laugh and I cannot watch the movie without remembering my favorite thing about my father:  his sense of humor. 

I fear dear readers that this might be all your heart can take of the cholesterol producing cheese...so until next Tuesday...(if you have cheesy stuff to share...please do so :)

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