Friday, June 24, 2011

This is why Michael Savage is my very favorite RWNJ (right-wing nut job)

My husband and I have a habit of listening and/or watching all of the RWNJ on Fox and on talk radio.  We call in, we send emails and we harass them when they mislead.  We sincerely enjoy this activity and regularly wish we were writers for The Daily Show.

So, last night on the way home I caught Michael Savage (real name Michael Weiner) also known on the radio as "Doctor Savage."  He had seen the film "Too Big To Fail" and apparently for the first time he was beginning to understand what Credit Default Swaps are and how the whole economy fell apart because of widespread thievery on the part of Wall Street and Washington.  I have rarely heard him as exercised about anything.  For about five minutes, I agreed with every word he said.  The rage long buried began to boil...

I have said many times to the hubs that if people really understood the width and depth of their smugness, people would be out in the streets toting pitchforks.  For the record, when this happens, I prefer to be called Pitchfork Penny.  I have lots of yellin' to do.  Millions of us were hit in our 401k's or retirement funds...many older Americans will never recover.  Besides the tragedy that is our economy (14 million looking for work), the situation for the developing world is staggering.  And yet, only one guy went to jail.  And yet, they are whining about regulation and taxes.  The neck of it...

And then, he returned to type blaming George Soros for the collapse.  He then transitioned to bashing the women's movement and asked the question:  How come white men are stuck in adolescence?  Of course it is the fault of Feminism...which caused stunted growth in white men...which caused reckless side bets in the market.  Talk about a wobbly argument.  Take a look at this smarmy grin...

Every once in a while, you can catch Mr. Savage talking about his life or telling stories of when he was growing up in NYC.  If he doesn't talk about politics or religion, he is very likeable and entertaining.  The problem is that he will tell a touching story and the start screaming "Borders, Language, Culture" which is his battle cry against immigration.

He has been banned from England and has spent two years fighting his classification as too dangerous for Great Britain.  He is still banned.  And for the record, I don't think he should be.  Free speech is meant to protect that which is the most offensive...other speech is too easy to defend.  He doesn't belong on the list with terrorists.  Still standing with Justice Douglas on these issues--

Somebody has to monitor these propagandists...somebody has to call them on the bs.  This is one reason my marriage works--we share this hobby of being truth detectives and always have new things to talk about and confront.  We know we are throwing grains of sand in the ocean, but it at least makes us feel better. 

If you want to give him a prepared to be insulted very quickly.  However, when he talks about food or his dog--I'm a devoted listener.

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