Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Return to Saturday Nights at the General Store...Pickers Galore

odd granddaughter

sad by the standard of a cloud
been 'round so long
that i forget where my
                  who my
                  how my people are.
skin cracked from bales of fibrous cotton
laughter like spit from the mouth of God
eyes keen from too much mill town
                             odd granddaughter begs
                             for back scratches &
                             carolina figs
                             odd granddaughter prepares
                             the old ones for documentary film
                             odd granddaughter done run off,
                                 always running off...
you still blood girl.
how you s'pect a thang to grow
if you keep yankin' it up?"

it's my papa's voice that unveils a truth
it's my grandma's grace that sets a standard
it's my granny's hands that soothe this heart of mine
it's red clay and boiled peanuts and hoop cheese
lining the roads home.

___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________


Lavoyna is a woman my granny knows
knows about the cancer

granny's got the idea
that life will waste him away
quicker than a dandelion in late spring
until God takes him on home

Lavoyna says it is a cruel kind of passage
granny prays that miles weren't the cause of it
prays that all the golden drops of love
don't fall down into our socks
drowning our toes
in worn out regret

granny holds onto fivethousandprayers
lifted and focused on a miracle
a miracle that fivethousandprayers
will turn every tide

she says she knows

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