Friday, June 3, 2011

A Voice Out Of the Holler

In Seneca, South Carolina enjoying some badly needed time off...visiting family, breathing mountain air and trying to allow myself time to reach down and out.  We are headed to the Fish Hatchery today and to the river.  Picnic and everything.

Reading a wonderful novel called Saints at the River by Ron Rash.  My cousin Jennifer discovered him teaching at Tri-County Tech a few years ago...quite haunting and true.  Family Reunion tomorrow...buying watermelon and cantaloupe today--making cookies tonight.

Wanting to write about what an embarrassment John Edwards is to Oconee County--a scoundrel and a rake of the worst sort...both running from who he is and exploiting it for his own gain.  Son of a millworker my ass...

Also thinking a lot about larger themes of how to Live and how to navigate Sacrifice without martyring yourself...get back with you on that one...

Loving my family so completely and with such ease.

I am sleeping in a magnificent bed and have access to an old school bathtub--wide and deep enough to cover all your sins and the children are wonderfully occupied with productive activity.  Truly is the simple things...

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