Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Plea (really) to the President of the United States: Dear President Obama,

Nice one on bagging Bin Laden--as a teacher of Critical Thinking you made it simple to illustrate the power of gathering data, evaluating it and forming an actionable plan that meets certain objectives.  Bravo!  Plus, the people really like it when we can demonstrate what we do well instead of just talking about it or dropping bombs.

So, onto the elephant in the room.  You must do something big (and soon) and new with regard to job growth and the housing situation.  Sure, you should have made the bankers renegotiate loans at the get--but, you didn't, so...put the pressure on now.  Make it part of financial reform.  Appoint Elizabeth Warren over a recess and get her to work.  She is an excellent voice for the fight that is required.

About jobs...I know that there is very little you can actually do to make private companies hire people.  But here is the brutal truth, those same companies are sitting on what some say is a trillion dollar cushion...and this is the weak sauce they come up with to explain their hesitation--they are "uncertain and scared of President Obama's new legislation and possible regulations."  What a crock of unpatriotic crap that is!  We just bailed their butts out and they have the audacity to sit on cash while their are 14 million Americans without work...makes me ill to think of the depth of the swindle and continued screw you to the majority of the people of this country.  According to one study, ( half of Americans cannot come up with two thousand dollars in thirty days for an emergency.

I know you remember what it is like to live like this.  Become our voice. 

And as to the Republicans...these cats have been nothing but persistent obstruction and distortion.  I know you believe in bipartisanship.  I am not a FireDogLake liberal--I get that compromise with the Opposition is both necessary and potentially effective.  But you cannot negotiate with someone intent on your political destruction.  You are like the sober one at the party trying to be reasonable with a drunk.  Do what you gotta do and make it absolutely clear that these guys left a big ole' mess.  You are still knee-deep in fixing everything neglected or consciously need four more years just to demonstrate that Government is worth building.

Here is what was so impactful about the killing of Osama Bin Laden, you were able to show your effectiveness instead of telling it.  The Media is a Magpie--only looking for more words to fill the time.  When you accomplish something so decisively, you shut them up and all the Independents you seek are convinced by the bald truth.  Take this some approach with the economy, but don't forget that unless and until you can communicate your successes, it doesn't really matter if you have any.

I'm a fan...truly pulling for you all the way.  I will make phone calls again.  I will knock on doors--if I'm able to walk.  I will encourage everyone I know to vote.  Give me another reason to fight for you again--turn this economic stagnation into a challenge for Corporate America.  Give back--Hire American.

Thank you for your time and all you do for our country.

Kristen Chapman Gibbons

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  1. Well said. I have been screaming at my television since '09, even though President Obama is a brilliant man, he seems somewhat stunted in his understanding how to fight the partisan crackdwon on his tactics. Sometimes he seems willing to break his own arm to prove bipartisanship is a realistic plan to move government forward. I was ecstatic to see him sign the Dream Act, w/o congressional approval. I just hope our President hasn't learned his lesson too late.