Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mean Mommy

The kids don't really believe I can be Mean Mommy.  Usually I'm not.  Like a lot of families, the Father's voice is a bit scarier--has more heft to it and the kids seem to respond more quickly to it.  Also, I parent by mood...and this isn't something I'm really proud of.  Good mood--Go ahead--jump on the beds.  Bad mood--What did I tell you about jumping on the beds? 

I have decided Mean Mommy needs to assert herself more...I have instituted more chores.  I have made and carried out more threats.  I have deepened and sharpened my voice so that I can mimic the boom of a man's voice.  I don't want spoiled children, whiny children, children who think they can manipulate their way by giving me kisses (altho I still gotta build resistance to this one).  It is hard.  I like being the "soft" one.  But is is terribly unfair to my husband, who always has to play the bad guy role. 

I am trying.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Suggestion for myself: consistency, order and more punishments (boo). I'm not a spanker, but I'm not opposed to taking away things they love for a LONG time. I told them when I was in middle school I got a D in math (I was a straight A student) and was banned from the phone for six months. I never got another D.