Monday, December 20, 2010

Why silly prejudices must be confronted

Literally, ALL of us do it.  The judgement spits from your brain in a nanosecond.  I started this group for Mothers online called Mothers Who Are Hated By Other Mothers.  Originally, I was thinking of a way to vent....and vent we shall.  But my old friend Lynn posted something about parents giving her a hard time because for her own reasons, she home schools her children.  And like a lightening bolt, I felt the sadness at the realization that I may have made comments in the past...jokes, mostly, about homeschooling.  So, I realized that is is also a place to reveal your own habits, beliefs, jokes about things that might annoy others on the page (sorry, Deal--thx) or maybe even anger others ( Be nice or I'll won't be :D).  Can it be a place where we are also kind and honest about our own missteps?  Unless you name a thing, you cannot defeat it.  (I'm watching too much Spartacus--blame it own the hubby--and remember (this must not be forgotten--EVER) I married a Trekkie, but I am not on of them.  As you concisely deducted, I am open-minded too the point of absurdity.  It is an open group.  And to all of those who yearn for motherhood, but have not yet experienced it--remember there are millions of children to love. 

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